Know About The Features of a Water Purifier

Water from any source can be heavily contaminated. Many ailments can be caused by water from rivers, wells, and reservoirs. Tap water can contain many contaminants, even though it is supposed to be treated before it reaches you. It is imperative to use a trusted water purifier in order to purify the water that you drink.

There is a wide range of water purifiers, with each brand claiming to have the best. It is important to know the type of filtering system they use and how efficient each one is before you buy a water purifier. Only then will you be able to make an informed purchase decision. You can purchase the best water purifier for home at

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Water purifiers can be divided into the following types.

1. Type of distillation – These water purifiers can distill water. To make pure water, water is heated to boiling and the vapors are collected. This removes microorganisms, sediments, and contaminants. 

These water filters have a disadvantage: they are slow and give only about one liter per ten liters. The distillation process does not allow oxygen to pass through, which can reduce the water's quality.

2. Types of activated carbon – These water filters use carbon particles in order to filter the water. Clean water is possible because contaminants and sediments stick to carbon surfaces. It effectively eliminates any odor. This filter has one drawback: it can't kill microorganisms in the water.

You can see that water filtration does not suffice to make it safe for drinking. A combination of RO and UV water purification would be the best.