Why You Want A Wet Bag

Wet bags are waterproof fabric bags intended to shop soiled cloth diapers. Following a missed effort at utilizing cloth diapers with my firstborn, I repurposed my moist luggage for additional, and better uses. You can purchase the unique small waterproof bag at https://www.waladi.com.au/small-waterproof-wet-bags/. 

Here are the applications to get the wet bag you might have never thought of:

1. The Pool- I pack the wet bag for the kids' swimming lessons. After the swim the wet suits, goggles, and vases come house in a large wet tote. This way I will bring one wet bag with their clothes, replacement of clothing, my telephone, and snacks without even fretting in their swimsuits making everything wet.

2. Pump Parts- Most pumping working mothers agree which you could just wash and reinstall your pump components daily, washing them just in the day. I wash my pump components and store them in a moist bag in the refrigerator.  At the close of the day that I wash the used bag and package a brand new one for another workday.

3. Potty Training- Just typing those concepts makes me shiver. During the potty practice period with every child I package a moist tote everywhere we go. I maintain a spare change of clothes along with a little washcloth from the bag just in case. If a child have an crash, I have somewhere to store the wet clothing and a new outfit all set.

4. Notebook- I bring my Mac everywhere. It's quite helpful, particularly while traveling, to maintain my notebook in a moist bag.  I don't need to think about protecting my Mac from spills in transit.