Taking A course With WSET’s Online Classroom

WSET online classes are WSET e-learning platforms. This platform enhances the learning of textbooks with various materials and learning activities for various types of students. Videos, quizzes, and tasting activities will involve you throughout the course, while student forums connect you with classmates so you can share experiences.

Even though each course has a specific start and end date, you have the freedom to study at your own pace and desire – because there are no "direct" classes. If you want to join a professional wset course, then you can choose SommWine.

Before starting the course, you will receive an appropriate course study package in the publication (with the exception of all Level 1 prices, because this is included in the online course material). After all, you must use a laptop, tablet or smartphone first.

You will receive specialist teachers who will accompany and support you throughout the course. They answer all questions about learning material and help you develop your tasting skills. The WSET online class support team will also help you get the most out of the platform.

Tasting is an important part of all WSET programs. For online courses, you get your own pattern, but you get instructions on which style to buy. During the course, share notes of your taste and your teacher will give you feedback and suggestions to improve your taste.