Taking Care of Your Dogs’ Medical Needs

Sometimes dog owners find themselves playing the role of dog medics. Dogs are curious and bold, which is a great combination in most cases but can lead to problems in rare cases. You'll have to assist your dog if he or she has an emergency.

The help you give will likely be similar to the help you might offer to a wounded human. You will need to perform basic first aid until you can get the dog to the vet. Some essential items for your dog’s medical care can be purchased online.

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If you put together a kit of supplies before there's an emergency, then if something comes up you will be ready. It includes gauze and tape in the medical kit. 

For cleaning your dog's wounds, nothing beats hydrogen peroxide. You also need to keep the dog warm and secure to prevent shock so a clean blanket is a good idea. 

Your first aid kit will also need, at minimum, antibiotic gel, safety scissors, tweezers, elastic bandages, absorbent cotton, and a rectal thermometer. 

It's a good idea to learn basic first aid. That is true even if you don't have a dog at home. Also, make sure that your vet's phone number is handy. 

Ask your vet what to do in case a medical emergency comes up in the middle of the night. He may also suggest that you go to an after-hours veterinary clinic. These clinics are becoming more popular and easier to find and for good reason. 

They stay open most if not all night, and function like a pet emergency room. If you live near a pet emergency center, keep their phone number in your kit also.