The History of Dead Sea Salt

The only place on Earth where the name of the "Dead Sea" has not been mentioned is on the list of the world's wonders. Nobody believes it, not even Dr. Meridith Beazer, who invented the bath salt lamp some three hundred years ago. No one who goes there is able to comprehend the wonder and the significance of the sight of the ruddy and white brine, lying on the bottom of the river bed, all that remains of the once great lake of lava.

So what makes this Dead Sea salt so special? When compared with normal table salt, it is saltier and more concentrated.

Why is it called the Dead Sea? It is thought that the salt was deposited in the Dead Sea Region in the seventh century by a flood from the Sinai desert.

What does it do for us? Dead Sea salt helps our bodies heal faster, making it the first and only natural herb medicine in the entire world.

How does Dead Sea salt help? It cleanses the body of impurities, opens up pores for healthy growth, soothes the nerves, removes toxins, removes impurities and strengthen the immunity.

What does it smell like? It is one of the purest smelling bath salt available in the world. It smells of brine, of salt, of the ocean, of fresh water, of the Dead Sea.

The main reason why it is such a favorite is because it keeps us away from the chemicals in the cosmetics and medical industries. You can still experience the effects of what you put on your skin. You will just be doing it naturally.

When should I use Dead Sea salt on my skin? Use it whenever you have impurities, dry skin, oily skin, in order to gain stronger skin, after a bath, as a body scrub or as a massage oil.

How can you make a good use of Dead Sea salt? Since this salt is extracted from the Dead Sea region, it contains anti-bacterial properties. It is very effective in killing bacteria.

What do I need to put Dead Sea salt on my skin? When I have redness and itchiness, I use it first on my face and neck and then on the whole body.

Is there any side effect of using Dead Sea salt? Of course there is no side effect of Dead Sea salt, because the Dead Sea is a salt water lake. It has no side effects whatsoever.

So, if you want to learn more about Dead Sea salt, go and buy a Dead Sea salt lamp and do some research on it. And see for yourself how great it can be for your health and your skin. We are all lucky that it is such a beautiful place.