What Are Some Of The Modern Hair Styling Methods In Singapore?

Nowadays, women love to adopt different, different hairstyles. The easiest method for obtaining hair styles is by using straighteners or blowers, so that you can obtain the desired style for your hair. The two hair styling methods used in the modern world are Digital perm and Yuko straightening.

What does this Digital perm mean?

It's nothing but a process of setting hair in your own style by using a heating solution. It's actually a machine with a digital display that regulates the temperature of hot rods used for a perm.

The other names for this perm are ionic perm, hot perm, Japanese perm or Korean perm. If you’re interested in getting Korean perm in Singapore then go to https://kelture.com.sg/services/perm/.

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This method makes use of heat, which was discovered in Korea and is trademarked by a Japanese company. Most probably this treatment has achieved great popularity in Asian countries like the Philippines, Singapore, Japan and Korea.

When you look at the perm machine you would feel scary since it has a robot appearance with rods which are attached to the digital display. Through the digital display, the stylist will correct the heat rods to change the hair curls. The curls created out of this perm are looser when compared to the traditional ones.

What is Yuko Straightening?

Yuko straightening styles the curly, unruly and dry hair. You will obtain straight, shiny, smooth, regenerated and sleek hair after using this system. This system was developed by Ms. Yuko in 1996. 

This system involves a heat oxidation method for straightening the hair. It's the permanent system and it works best on all kinds of hair. You must have four to five inches long hair for undergoing this treatment.