What are the Benefits of planning law?

Planning law can cover a lot of different things. Planning law covers zoning, land use, subdivision, environmental impact review, and building permits. Planning law can help you plan your home, business, and community. Planning law can also help you protect your rights and property.

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Planning law can provide many benefits to a community, including: 

1- Helping to guide growth in an area while ensuring that the community's needs are met.

2- Improving communication between residents and government officials.

3- Ensuring that development projects comply with local zoning regulations.

4- Providing a vehicle for resolving disputes between residents and developers.

Here are two key planning provisions that every developer should take into account:

1. Zoning:

Every municipality has its own zoning laws, which dictate how many and types of buildings residents may live in, as well as what type of land use is allowed. A comprehensive zoning ordinance can be quite extensive, and it's important to consult with an attorney before making any changes to the zoning code.

2. Subdivision: 

When you propose to subdivide land, you must ensure that your development conforms to all applicable subdivision regulations. These rules cover everything from lot size and dimensions to setback requirements and setbacks from public rights-of-way. If your proposal doesn't comply with these regulations, your subdivision may be rejected by the municipality.

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