What is a Messenger Bot?

Facebook Messenger Bot is a series of web bots that Facebook has released to help people interact with Facebook through chatbots. It is an easy to use web service that can help you send messages through Messenger to Facebook, or to any other online service.

For the Messenger Bot to be effective, it needs the following components. These components are helpful to a bot's overall effectiveness, and each component is recommended to be used in combination with the others.

User profile – User profiles help Facebook recognize the person. Having an identity can help a user to avoid scams that may come up on the network.

News feed – The bot has to have a user-friendly news feed. A news feed that is less than 3 lines long, will be viewed more like a webpage, and will show the information to the user without scrolling.

Browser Extensions – A bot that uses browser extensions is best for some things. It allows the bot to stay unique for everyone on the network.

Ad-Hoc Requests – Another part of a successful bot is its ability to make ad-hoc requests to any website it wishes. For this feature, an ad-hoc request or API is necessary.

Messaging App – Chatbots require a messaging app for it to be functional. The messaging app serves as a backend to a bot's interactions with other websites, such as Facebook.

Chat System – This system is used to make sure that the bot does not send spam and get banned. This makes it more visible, so it can easily be removed, which improves the bot's efficiency.

Data Storage – It is necessary for a bot to be able to store information without getting into trouble. Some data storage systems allow for direct access to Facebook and email accounts, so that messages can be sent straight from the bot to an account.

Security – It is important to ensure that a bot is secure. Since it is used by millions of people, the company has to do their best to ensure security.

General rules apply when using a bot. If you are creating your own bot, the commonality in Facebook Messenger Bot is a bot, but there are many available.

From automated phone calls to money saving tips, Facebook Messenger Bot has everything for you. Whether you want to promote a product or company, run a contest, or make money from your friends, Facebook Messenger Bot has everything you need to succeed.