What is a Pallet? Everything You Need to Know About It!

Pallets are horizontal platforms that are typically mounted on the superstructure and lower deck and allow stable transport of commercial goods. It provides support so pallet jacks, forklifts, wheel loaders and other lifting devices can lift it.

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Pallets enable efficient storage and processing and form the basis for assembling, processing and transporting materials and products. When reused, they can be used in a variety of creative ways as we show you every day on this website!

Throughout history, pallets have been essential to the development of modern logistics. It is one of the most important logistics tools developed in the 20th century. Learn more about pallet history. Although most of the world's pallets are made of wood, pallets can also be made from:




Recycled materials

Wooden pallets

This is the most commonly used palette. Wooden pallets offer a great combination of weight, hardness, durability and price. Additionally, there is an extensive infrastructure for pallet recycling, which contributes to the renewal and reuse of wooden pallets.

Custom pallet sizes can also be easily made from wooden components. Here is some general information about wooden pallets:

Wooden pallets usually consist of three or four strings that support the deck planks on which items are placed.

Most are made of "scrap wood" which may not look great on wood pallet furniture, but is just as strong as good looking wood.

If they are made from "reclaimed wood", they are not reducing the natural greenery, because trees are not cut down to make them.  Assembled wooden pallets are durable, inexpensive and environmentally friendly.