What is Sales Funnel Marketing and How Does it Work?

In all types of offline and online marketing, there are known sales channels. If you imagine a physical funnel and what the purpose is that you have a good idea about what mounts sales marketing and what functions. You can consider the book publishing for your business.

The upper part, as wide as a funnel of sales marketing, is where we collect clues to our offerings and here, after identifying our target market, we usually collect clues. How to collect clues on our target market varies. A useful way to get our prospect's attention to encourage them to enter our funnel is by offering some form of value in the form of education or a kind of free gift.

People like to do business with the people they like and respect as experts in their fields so that it's up to us to build relationships and trust with our prospects before trying to throw them on our offer. When we provide great value and show sincere interest at the point of entry into the sales channel we will begin to feel that they know us. 

After the relationship was established, we were in a position to offer one of our low-cost products, and once again we offer great value. Now gradually the prospects have become clients and have seen that we have offered great value to this point so that when we approach them with higher ticket or service products, they will be sure that even though the cost is higher, the product or service has a massive value Just like before proportionally with its functions.

The fact that we have provided value so far means that when our clients choose between us and our competitors even if our prices are higher, they will definitely get great value from us while they are not sure what they will get from our competitors. The sales channel can continue to infinity of course depending on where we want to take it.