What is steel drive shaft?

The driveshaft transfers power from your Mustang's transmission to its differential. After that, the differential sends power to your Mustang's rear wheels. The driveshaft is a simple, round shaft that can be ignored. However, without it, your car won't be able to transfer energy efficiently into motion.

You don't need to upgrade your driveshaft for a dramatic performance boost, but it may be something you should consider depending on your build. Although most cars have a steel drive shaft standard, you might decide to upgrade the drive shaft with an aluminum or carbon-fiber one. Each of these driveshaft materials has its pros and cons, making them suitable for different drivers.

steel driveshaft

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Steel driveshafts are the most affordable option. They can be durable and reduce vibrations and noise through your vehicle. Steel is a heavy material that can cause problems. Your engine will have to work harder to turn the steel driveshaft to move your vehicle.

Stock drivetrains are typically made of steel as they require minimal maintenance and offer the most comfortable ride for everyday drivers. The steel drivetrain can be easily cut to save weight. This is a big advantage for drag racing and other auto sports such as drifting or autocross.

There are many types of steel driveshaft, and they're not all the same. The Chromoly steel tubes can withstand high speeds and are very heavy. However, seam tube, which is often used to make the stock driveshaft, is very weak and expensive compared with other forms of steel.