Which Nations Require Travel Visas

Before you book a plane ticket to a new nation, verify its requirements for admittance first. Almost all countries in Africa and Asia generally require American travellers to have a visa to cross the threshold of their country. Certain countries allot visas upon entrance while others do not. To prevent the problem of immigration, be sure to confirm what country needs a travel visa to enter.

Make sure you already have a visa when going in most Middle Eastern countries. You will only be able to cross the threshold of Saudi Arabia and secure a visa,  if you are part of a group tour of sanctions. However, getting a Saudi visa has been made easier with the help of online visa services. You can find out more on online visa services for Saudi through their websites.

Going in Europe is easy; only two countries will require visas from you.  So, unless you are travelling to these countries, all you need is a plane ticket. If you manage to go to Russia or Turkey, then you will need a visa to enter. In North America, only Cuba would need a visa; the rest, you can cross the threshold without one. Panama and the Dominican Republic does not issue visas to US travellers but they have tourist cards as an alternative; and also your Zambia Visa.

Papua New Guinea is the only Oceanian nation that allots a visa upon arrival. Although Australia does not need a visa, American tourists must enrol online for Electronic Travel Authority as a replacement visa. By contrast, New Zealand permits application for visa-free so that a visa is not required anymore.