Why Do People Love Fixed Wheel Bikes?

For instance, especially in the urban area, there's an increasing trend of people who prefer fixed gear bikes. They are often referred to as "fixies." This is a bike with one gear that is directly linked to the wheels, meaning that anytime the wheels turn the pedals are moving too. This means that no coasting is feasible. In certain instances, these bikes do not come with brakes. To stop, you put some pressure back on the wheels.

This trend originated from track bikes that were utilized for indoor cycling. These were bikes stripped down that were designed to reduce the weight. They didn't require brakes or gears because of their usage on tracks. Then, people began using them on the streets, possibly starting in the subculture of bike messengers. To find a single-speed bike you can also visit godspeed-bikes.de/bikes.

The attraction of a fixed-wheel bicycle is mostly about fashion and not much about functionality, performance, or effectiveness. However, they can be difficult to handle efficiently and a lot of people enjoy the difficulty. However, they are extremely risky in urban areas. Particularly, those that do not have real brakes might have a tough to stop in an emergency.

Less reckless riders should be advised to use traditional brakes or one front brake to protect themselves. Another method to ensure they are safe is to install the freewheel hub, which allows coasting but does not mean that the pedals have to rotate when the wheels turn. This makes bikes more comfortable to ride and considerably safer than the traditional fixie.