Why Shippers Should Consider Using Drayage?

Drayage is a freight transportation service where goods are trucked between two points. It is often used to move cargo between shipping ports and inland warehouses. Drayage can be used in combination with other freight transportation methods, such as rail and air freight.

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Drayage helps to move goods from one place to another. It's a critical link in the supply chain for businesses that produce and distribute products.

Drayage can help to connect businesses with different parts of the world. It can help to distribute products to customers all over the world.

Drayage can play an important role in the overall transport process, and understanding its importance can help you optimize your logistics plan. 

There are many reasons why shippers should consider using drayage. Here are five:

1. Low transportation costs: 

Drayage can reduce transportation costs by as much as 50%, which makes it a valuable option for larger loads.

2. Flexibility: 

Drayage allows shippers to customize their transport needs, which can be especially helpful when there are tight deadlines or irregular shipping schedules.

3. Improved visibility: 

Drayage offers shippers a level of visibility into their cargo that is not available with regular shipment methods. This information can help them identify and resolve any problems with their products early in the supply chain.

4. Increased security: 

Drayage reduces the risk associated with transport, which can make shipments more secure and minimize the chances of theft or damage during transit.